Drop-In Filter System
Launch Date November 2019
Company PolarPro
Summit was designed to be the ultimate tool for landscape photographers who seek ultimate precision in their setup. Since its launch, photographers from all over the world have begun to use Summit to capture some of the most beautiful features and scenes of the natural world.​​​​​​​
Summit was designed from the ground up around the optimal workflow of the landscape photographer. Rugged, all-metal filter frames protect the quartz glass elements from finger prints and accidental drops, bronze accents of the system clearly indicate "touch points" to the user, from the quick-release knob to the independently-rotating ring that adjusts the orientation of the integrated circular polarizer filter slot, and a flexible silicone hood protects the system from errant light flares.
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Quartz Glass, Acetal Copolymer, TPE, Silicone, 3M Adhesive Tape
CNC Milling, Injection Molding, Anodization, Laser Etching, Aluminum Extrusion, Die Casting,
The project began with intensive market research and in-person interviews with professional landscape photographers, followed by over a year of design, prototyping, testing, and iteration––continuously optimizing the form, function, and manufacturability of the filter system's components.
Adapter Ring Installed in Core
Adapter Ring Installed in Core
Circular Polarizer Sliding Latch
Circular Polarizer Sliding Latch
Side Lock for Grad Filter Slot
Side Lock for Grad Filter Slot

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