Mini Tripod 
Date June 2020
Company PolarPro
Apex is a rugged mini tripod designed for mirrorless camera and mobile photography. It features removable rubber feet, extruded aluminum legs, and weighs just under a pound.
The product line consists of two editions, one with an integrated ball-head and camera quick-release mechanism, and one with a 3/8" mount for attaching photo and video heads of all kinds. 
Borrowing from the design of FlightDeck's spring-loaded hirth couplings, each of Apex's three legs can be securely locked at nine different angles, allowing Apex to adapt to uneven terrain of all types.
The removable rubber feet provide grip on a wide range of surfaces, and hide cast aluminum claws that dig into sand or slippery stream beds. An over-molded grip allows Apex to be handled easily, especially in cold conditions, while the integrated ball head and quick release mechanism enable a quick setup and precise positioning. 
Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Nylon, TPU, TPE 
CNC Milling, Die Casting, Extrusion, Injection Molding, Laser Etching
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