drone monitor mount
date January 2019
dompany PolarPro
FlightDeck is a monitor mount for drone cinematography that attaches securely to DJI Mavic flight controllers, enabling drone pilots to use large tablets and HD monitors as their primary flight instruments. 
Initially launched to support the DJI Mavic Pro 2, FlightDeck continues to be the most rugged and sturdy mounting system for drone operators around the world. 
FlightDeck's core design element is a pair of spring-loaded hirth couplings. These stainless steel components enable secure positioning of monitors in over sixty-five unique orientations, allowing the user to perfectly balance the weight of their monitor over their flight controller. 
A top dovetail-style quick release mechanism decreases setup time and allows for a variety of tablets and monitors to be adapted for use with FlightDeck.​​​​​​​
Aluminum, Steel, TPE
Die-Casting, CNC Milling, Aluminum Extrusion, Laser Etching, Injection Molding
Quick-Release Mechanism
Quick-Release Mechanism
Stainless Steel Hirth Coupling
Stainless Steel Hirth Coupling
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