Hybrid Variable ND Filter System
Date December 2022
Company PolarPro
Recon is a hybrid variable neutral density (VND)  filter system that blurs the lines between a traditional thread-on filter and a cine matte box. Incredibly versatile, Recon can be configured for a wide range of shooting environments and setups.
Recon's VND 3-6+ Core Filter features an independently-rotating ring that controls the strength of the VND–by rotating independent of the camera's optical axis, the hood can remain stationary when attached to the front of the VND filter. A spring-loaded ball bearing nests into a detent at six stops of optical density, requiring the user to push past in order to achieve higher strengths of ND. This is a safety feature, as pushing past six stops results in vignetting when shooting at a focal length below 35mm. The outwardly flared profile of the VND was necessary to allow for the use of click-in effects filters without causing vignetting. These filters utilize two spring-loaded sliders that a user pinches to install, and can be rotated three-hundred and sixty degrees to modify the effect that they are providing. 
Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Glass, TPE, Nylon, Carbon Fiber
CNC Milling, Injection Molding, Anodization, Laser Etching, Aluminum Extrusion
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