Osmo Pocket Filters
Neutral Density Filter Series
Launch Date February 2019
Company PolarPro

Designed to reduce the amount of light entering the the camera sensor, cinematographers use neutral density filters, or ND filters, to reduce a camera's shutter speed when shooting in bright conditions. Doing so creates a motion blur effect that mimics what the human eye naturally perceives.
When we set out to make filters for this new handheld gimbal from DJI that could fit in your pocket, our goal was to create a filter that would securely and easily attach to the camera, while also being light enough to not put unnecessary stress on the fragile gimbal that kept the camera stable during filming.
The final design of the filter consisted of four components: a 1mm sheet of coated optical glass, a ring of die-cut 3M adhesive tape, a CNC aluminum frame, and a press-fit magnet. 

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