​​​​​​​Hi, I'm John,​​​​​​​
and I have always been obsessed with finding out how things work—I know, what a big surprise to hear from an engineer—but my fascination with design came about from an interest in two seemingly very different fields, biochemistry and mechanical engineering. What I finally realized, after years of studying both, was that researching the molecular machinery of the cell and learning to design complex mechanisms and products reinforced my understanding of the same core concept—the relationship between form and function. This intersection of knowledge has given me a unique understanding and appreciation for how things work at both the microscopic and macroscopic scales, which has made me into the engineer that I am today.
John Kiernan-Lewis is a product design engineer currently living in Orange County, California. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, John attended the University of Florida, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduation, John joined the team at PolarPro, where he has led the design and production of over 68 new products to meet the needs of photographers and cinematographers all across the globe.